Zuhause “Signature” Mallets │ EN

This limited mallets serie was created for the Artfunding campaign of Zuhause e.V.

Get your own Signature Mallets for xylophone, marimba or vibraphone! We build for you the mallets you’ve always dreamed to play with.
We can determine together dimensions, forms and materials for shaft and core as well as the material and color for the yarn.

Materials available
Shaft : rattan (8 mm diameter), bamboo natur or planed (around 6 or 7 mm diameter), wood (red beech, 6 or 8 mm diameter). All lengths available.
Core : wood (red beech) or cork. Possibly rubber or foam
Yarn : wool, cotton or acrylic mixes. Colors like in the example above (few more avalable).

Subscribe to the Artfunding campaign, contact us in a comment and we make it possible!
Your Armungia Mallets-Team

You can find a very usefull explaination how to wrap your Mallets in this PDF-article from the Percussive Arts Society.
And a full information about all types of Mallets in: Christian Dierstein, Michel Roth, Jens Ruland, “The techniques of percussion playing; mallets, implements and applications“, Bärenreiter, Kassel, 2018.

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